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class Shape

Defined in:  C4Shapes.h
The Shape class represents a shape node in a world.

class Shape : public Node, public ListElement<Shape>

Member Functions
Shape::GetShapeType Returns the specific type of a shape.

Shape(ShapeType type);

type The type of the shape. See below for a list of possible types.
The Shape class represents a shape node in a world.

A shape node can be of one of the following types.
kShapeBox Box shape.
kShapePyramid Pyramid shape.
kShapeCylinder Cylinder shape.
kShapeCone Cone shape.
kShapeSphere Sphere shape.
kShapeDome Dome shape.
kShapeCapsule Capsule shape.
kShapeTruncatedPyramid Truncated pyramid shape.
kShapeTruncatedCone Truncated cone shape.
kShapeTruncatedDome Truncated dome shape.
Base Classes
Node A Shape node is a scene graph node.
ListElement<Shape> Each rigid body maintains a list of the shapes that compose it.
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