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class PluginMgr

Defined in:  C4Plugins.h
The Plugin Manager class.

class PluginMgr : public Manager<PluginMgr>

Member Functions
PluginMgr::RegisterImageImportPlugin Registers an image import plugin.
PluginMgr::RegisterImageExportPlugin Registers an image export plugin.
PluginMgr::GetImageImportPluginList Returns the list of registered image import plugins.
PluginMgr::GetImageExportPluginList Returns the list of registered image export plugins.
PluginMgr::GetImportCatalog Returns the resource catalog for importing files.
PluginMgr::GetExportCatalog Returns the resource catalog for exporting files.
The PluginMgr class encapsulates the plugin module functionality of the engine. The single instance of the Plugin Manager is constructed during an application's initialization and destroyed at termination.

The Plugin Manager's member functions are accessed through the global pointer ThePluginMgr.
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