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Defined in:  C4Markings.h
Creates a set of marking effects at a particular location.

static void NewMarkingEffect(World *world, const MarkingData *data);

world The world in which the marking effects should be applied.
data A pointer to a MarkingData structure describing the marking.
The NewMarkingEffect function creates a set of marking effects at a particular location using the parameters specified in the MarkingData structure pointed to by the data parameter. The NewMarkingEffect function finds all enabled geometry nodes that intersect the marking's bounds, excludes those having either the kGeometryMarkingInhibit or kGeometryInvisible flag set, creates a new marking effect for each geometry, and adds each nonempty marking effect to the world.

If the markingList field of the MarkingData structure points to a MarkingList object, then each nonempty marking effect created by the NewMarkingEffect function is added to this list so that it's possible to track all pieces of the complete surface marking.
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