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class MarkingEffect

Defined in:  C4Markings.h
The MarkingEffect class represents a surface marking node in a world.

class MarkingEffect final : public Effect, public ListElement<MarkingEffect>, public Memory<MarkingEffect>

Member Functions
MarkingEffect::NewMarkingEffect Creates a set of marking effects at a particular location.
MarkingEffect::Empty Returns a boolean value indicating whether a surface marking contains any triangles.

MarkingEffect(const Geometry *geometry, const MarkingData *data);

geometry The geometry to which the marking is to be applied.
data A pointer to a MarkingData data structure defining the marking's parameters.
The MarkingEffect class represents a surface marking node that is associated with a single geometry node.

Surface markings are normally generated for all of the geometries intersecting a particular location by calling the MarkingEffect::NewMarkingEffect function, but it is also possible to construct a MarkingEffect directly. If the MarkingEffect constructor is explicitly called (by using the new operator), then the calling code should subsequently call the MarkingEffect::Empty function to determine whether any triangles were generated. If the marking effect is not empty, then it should be added to the scene as a subnode of the geometry node specified by the geometry parameter by calling the Node::AppendNewSubnode function. If the MarkingEffect::Empty function returns true, then the marking effect should simply be deleted.
Base Classes
Effect A MarkingEffect node is a specific type of effect.
ListElement<MarkingEffect> Each MarkingEffect node belonging to a single surface marking can be stored in a MarkingList object.
Memory<MarkingEffect> Storage for marking effects is allocated in a dedicated heap for speed.
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