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Defined in:  C4Configurable.h
Called when the settings for a configurable object have finished being updated.

virtual void EndConfigurationCommit(void *cookie);

cookie The pointer previously returned by the Configurable::BeginConfigurationCommit function.
The EndConfigurationCommit function is called right after the settings for a configurable object are updated through calls to the Configurable::CommitSetting function. Before any of the settings are updated, the Configurable::BeginConfigurationCommit function is called. Implementing this pair of functions allows an object to take specific actions when it is being reconfigured by the user in the World Editor.

The cookie parameter holds the pointer that the implementation previously returned from the BeginConfigurationCommit function. If the implementation allocated memory in the BeginConfigurationCommit function and returned a pointer to it, then that memory should be released before the EndConfigurationCommit function returns.
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