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Defined in:  C4Configurable.h
Called to update a particular setting for a configurable object.

virtual void CommitSetting(const Setting *setting);

setting A pointer to the setting whose value should be updated in the configurable object.
The CommitSetting function is called to update a particular setting for a configurable object. An override implementation of this function should examine the setting identifier, retrieved with the Setting::GetSettingIdentifier function, and update the object setting to which it corresponds to the value stored in the Setting object. It's possible that the setting identifier is not one corresponding to a setting that was previously returned by the Configurable::BuildSettingList for the same object. (This can happen if the ConfigurationWidget::BuildConfiguration function was called for multiple configurable objects for the same configuration widget.) If a setting identifier is not recognized, then the CommitSetting function should simply ignore the setting and take no action.

When a configuration interface is committed through a call to the ConfigurationWidget::CommitConfiguration function, the CommitSetting function is called once for each setting stored in the configuration widget except those settings that have an indeterminate value.
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