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Defined in:  C4Configuration.h
Commits the new settings for a configurable object.

void CommitConfiguration(Configurable *configurable) const;

configurable A pointer to the configurable object.
The CommitConfiguration function commits the settings stored in a configuration widget for the configurable object specified by the configurable parameter. During this process, the Configurable::SetSetting function is called for the configurable object once for each setting that does not have an indeterminate value. (A setting can only have an indeterminate value if the ConfigurationWidget::BuildConfiguration function was called multiple times, and a setting with the same identifier was returned by multiple objects without having the same value in all cases.)

The CommitConfiguration function may be called multiple times for the same configuration widget with different values for the configurable parameter. If the configurable objects have different dynamic types, this can cause the Configurable::SetSetting function to be called to commit a particular setting for a configurable object that did not previously return the setting through the Configurable::GetSetting function, but such unrecognized settings should be ignored by the configurable object.
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