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class Setting

Defined in:  C4Configuration.h
Every user-configurable setting is a subclass of the Setting class.

class Setting : public ListElement<Setting>, public Packable

Member Functions
Setting::GetSettingType Returns the setting type.
Setting::GetSettingIdentifier Returns the setting's unique identifier.

Setting(SettingType type, Type identifier);

type The setting type.
identifier The setting's unique identifier.
The Setting class is the base class for all user-configurable setting objects.
kSettingHeading Setting that simply displays a heading and has no value.
kSettingInfo Setting that displays information that cannot be edited.
kSettingDialog Setting that shows a push button that opens a dialog box.
kSettingBoolean Boolean setting represented by a check box.
kSettingInteger Integer setting represented by a slider.
kSettingPowerTwo Power-of-two setting represented by a slider.
kSettingFloat Floating-point setting represented by a slider.
kSettingText Text setting represented by an editable text box.
kSettingMenu Multi-valued setting represented by a popup menu.
kSettingColor Color setting represented by a color box.
kSettingCheckColor Color setting represented by a color box with a check box for enable/disable.
kSettingResource Resource name setting represented by a text box and a browse button.
kSettingMultiResource Setting that shows a list of resource names in a text box with a browse button.
Base Classes
ListElement<Setting> Used internally by the Interface Manager.
Packable A setting can be packed for storage in resources.
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