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class HyperlinkWidget

Defined in:  C4Widgets.h
The HyperlinkWidget class represents an interface widget that displays a hyperlink.

class HyperlinkWidget final : public TextButtonWidget


HyperlinkWidget(const Vector2D& size, const char *text = nullptrconst char *font = nullptr,

float em = kDefaultFontSize, const char *hyperlink = nullptr);

size The size of the text widget, in pixels.
text The text string that is displayed.
font The name of the font in which the text is displayed.
em The em size of the font, in pixels.
hyperlink A string containing the hyperlink address.
The HyperlinkWidget widget displays a text button with a hyperlink. Clicking on the button opens the default web browser installed on the user's computer and navigates to the address stored in the widget.
Base Classes
TextButtonWidget The HyperlinkWidget class is a special type of text button widget.
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