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class IconButtonWidget

Defined in:  C4Widgets.h
The IconButtonWidget class represents an interface widget that displays a push button containing an icon.

class IconButtonWidget final : public IconWidget


IconButtonWidget(const Vector2D& size, const char *name, int32 index);

size The size of the quad in which the icon is rendered, in pixels.
name The name of the album resource.
index The icon index within the album.
The IconButtonWidget class displays a button with a vector-based icon.

The default widget color controls the color of the icon. If the icon has multiple color layers, then the widget color affects only those layers that are specifically designated as using the foreground color. The kWidgetColorButton color type is also supported by the icon button widget, and it controls the color of the button.
Base Classes
IconWidget The icon displayed in the push button is based on the IconWidget class.
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