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class TreeItemWidget

Defined in:  C4Widgets.h
The TreeItemWidget class represents an interface widget that encapsulates items in a tree list.

class TreeItemWidget : public DynamicSlugWidget, public Tree<TreeItemWidget>


TreeItemWidget(Widget *widget);

TreeItemWidget(const char *text, const char *font = "font/Regular", float em = kDefaultFontSize);

widget The widget that is displayed in the tree.
text The text used to create a TextWidget to be displayed in the tree.
font The name of the font in which text-only tree items are displayed.
em The em size of the font, in pixels.
The TreeItemWidget class encapsulates each item that is to be displayed inside a TreeWidget.
Base Classes
DynamicSlugWidget Lines belonging to the tree item are rendered as vector graphics with Slug.
Tree<TreeItemWidget> Tree item widgets are organized as a tree structure.
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