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class Window

Defined in:  C4Widgets.h
A Window object represents a full-fledged interactive window.

class Window : public RootWidget, public ListElement<Window>

Member Functions
Window::GetWindowFlags Returns the window flags.
Window::GetWindowTitle Returns a window's title.
Window::SetWindowTitle Sets a window's title.
Window::AddSubwindow Attaches a subwindow to a window.

Window(const char *panelName);

Window(const Vector2D& size, const char *title = nullptruint32 flags = kWindowCloseBox | kWindowBackground);

panelName The name of the panel resource to load.
size The size of the window, in pixels.
title The window's displayed title.
flags The window flags.
The Window class is the root widget used for full-fledged interactive windows.

The flags parameter can be a combination (through logical OR) of the following constants.
kWindowPlain The window is rendered plain with no frame.
kWindowCloseBox The window has a close button. (Ignored if kWindowPlain is set.)
kWindowResizable The window has a resize handle. (Ignored if kWindowPlain is set.)
kWindowBackground The window has a filled background.
kWindowCenter The window is initially centered on the screen. (Ignored if either kWindowFullHorizontal or kWindowFullVertical is set.)
kWindowMaximize The window is initially as large as possible. (The specified size is ignored.)
kWindowEvenSize The window must have even width and height. (Only used if kWindowResizable is set.)
kWindowStrip The window appears in the strip.
kWindowPassive The window does not need to receive keyboard input.
kWindowModal The window is modal. (Automatically set by the Window::AddSubwindow function.)
kWindowFullHorizontal The window is scaled so that it fills the display horizontally, and it is centered vertically.
kWindowFullVertical The window is scaled so that it fills the display vertically, and it is centered horizontally. (Ignored if kWindowFullHorizontal is set.)
Base Classes
RootWidget A window serves as a root widget container.
ListElement<Window> Used internally by the Interface Manager.