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class FieldObject

Defined in:  C4Fields.h
The FieldObject class encapsulates data pertaining to a field volume.

class FieldObject : public Object, public VolumeObject

Member Functions
FieldObject::GetFieldType Returns the specific type of a field.
FieldObject::GetFieldFlags Returns the field flags.
FieldObject::SetFieldFlags Sets the field flags.

FieldObject(FieldType type, Volume *volume);

type The type of the field volume. See below for a list of possible types.
volume A pointer to the generic volume object representing the field.
The FieldObject class encapsulates data describing a volume used as a force field in a physics simulation.

A field object can be of one of the following types.
kFieldBox Box field.
kFieldCylinder Cylinder field.
kFieldSphere Sphere field.
Base Classes
Object A FieldObject is an object that can be shared by multiple field nodes.
VolumeObject Used internally by the engine for generic volume objects.
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