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class Object

Defined in:  C4Objects.h
Every object that can be referenced by a scene graph node is a subclass of the Object class.

class Object : public Shared, public Packable, public Configurable, public Creatable<Object>, public ListElement<Object>

Member Functions
Object::GetObjectType Returns the type of an object.
Object::GetModifiedFlag Returns the modified flag for an object.
Object::SetModifiedFlag Sets the modified flag for an object.

Object(ObjectType type);

type The type of the object.
The Object class is the base class for shared objects that are referenced by scene graph nodes. Every instance of the Node class can reference a primary object, simply called the node object. Some types of nodes can also referenced additional objects. For instance, the Geometry class can reference a MaterialObject object in addition to its primary object (which is of type GeometryObject). A single object can be referenced by multiple nodes. This allows for data instancing at multiple places within a world. Since the Object class is shared, it must be released using the Shared::Release function.
Base Classes
Shared Objects can be referenced by multiple nodes.
Packable Objects can be packed for storage in resources.
Configurable Objects can define configurable parameters that are exposed as user interface widgets in the World Editor.
Creatable<Object> New object subclasses may be defined by an application, and a creator function can be installed using the Creatable class.
ListElement<Object> Used internally by the World Manager.
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