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Defined in:  C4Plugins.h
Returns the format of the image data that an image import plugin generates.

virtual ImageFormat GetImageFormat(voidconst = 0;

The GetImageFormat function returns the format of the image data that an image import plugin generates when the ImageImportPlugin::ImportImageFile function is called. The return value may be one of the following image formats.
kImageFormatRGBA An RGBA image stored as interleaved red, green, blue, and alpha channels in that order. Each channel occupies a single unsigned byte.
kImageFormatYCbCr A YCbCr 4:2:0 image stored as separate luminance, blue chrominance, and red chrominance channels. The luminance is stored at full resolution with one unsigned byte per pixel. Each chrominance channel is stored separately at one-half the resolution in each dimension. Chrominance channels are stored with one signed byte per low-resolution pixel (which is equivalent to one signed byte per each 2 × 2 group of full-resolution pixels. The luminance channel is stored first, and it is followed by the blue chrominance channel and then the red chrominance channel.
The GetImageFormat function must be overridden by subclasses of the ImageImportPlugin class.
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