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class ImageImportPlugin

Defined in:  C4Plugins.h
The ImageImportPlugin class represents a generic image import plugin.

class ImageImportPlugin : public ImagePlugin, public ListElement<ImageImportPlugin>

Member Functions
ImageImportPlugin::GetImageFormat Returns the format of the image data that an image import plugin generates.
ImageImportPlugin::GetImageFileInfo Returns information about an image file.
ImageImportPlugin::ImportImageFile Imports an image from a file.
ImageImportPlugin::ReleaseImageData Releases an imported image.


The ImageImportPlugin class is the base class for all image import plugins. An image import plugin contains the functionality needed to read a 2D pixel image from a resource file in a specific format.

An image import plugin should be registered with the Plugin Manager by calling the PluginMgr::RegisterImageImportPlugin function after the plugin has been constructed.

An implementation of an ImageImportPlugin subclass must override all of its pure virtual member functions and the pure virtual member functions of the ImagePlugin class.
Base Classes
ImagePlugin An ImageImportPlugin is a specific type of image plugin.
ListElement<ImageImportPlugin> All registered image import plugins are kept in a list.
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