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class Registration

Defined in:  C4Creation.h
The Registration class template is the base class for registration objects

template <class classType, class regType> class Registration : public MapElement<Registration<classType, regType>>

Member Functions
Registration::GetRegistrableType Returns the type of the registered class.
Registration::GetPreviousRegistration Returns the previous registration.
Registration::GetNextRegistration Returns the next registration.
Template Parameters
classType The type of the base class of a hierarchy of extensible classes.
regType The type of the Registration subclass used to register classes derived from classType.

Registration(Type type);

type The type of the subclass being registered.
The Registration class is the base class used by more specific types of registration objects. Registration objects are used to identify custom types in the engine.
Base Classes
MapElement<Registration<classType, regType>> Registration objects are stored in a map container by the engine.
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