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class Signal

Defined in:  C4Threads.h
The Signal class encapsulates a signal object for multithreaded synchronization.

class Signal

Member Functions
Signal::TriggerSignal Triggers a signal.
Signal::WaitSignal Waits for a signal to be triggered.

explicit Signal(int32 count = 1);

count The number of separate signals that can be triggered. This must be a positive number less than kMaxSignalCount.
The Signal class defines a platform-independent signal object that can be used for multithreaded synchronization. A signal object encapsulates up to kMaxSignalCount separate binary signals that can be individually triggered. A thread can wait on a signal object using the Signal::WaitSignal function in order to block itself until another thread activates the signal using the Signal::TriggerSignal function.
WARNING. If a signal object is destroyed while a thread is waiting on it, then the behavior is undefined.
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