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class StructureRef

Defined in:  TSData.h
The StructureRef class represents a structure reference in an OpenDDL file.

class StructureRef

Member Functions
StructureRef::GetNameArray Returns the array of names stored in a reference.
StructureRef::GetGlobalRefFlag Returns a boolean value indicating whether a reference is global.
StructureRef::AddName Adds a name to a reference.
StructureRef::ResetRef Resets a reference to an empty sequence of names.

StructureRef(bool global = true);

global A boolean value that indicates whether the reference is global.
The StructureRef class holds an array of structure names that compose an OpenDDL reference. A reference can be global or local, depending on whether the first name in the sequence is a global name or local name. Only the first name can be a global name, and the rest, if any, are always local names.

The StructureRef::GetNameArray function can be used to retrieve the array of String objects containing the sequence of names stored in the reference. For a null reference, this array is empty. For non-null references, the StructureRef::GetGlobalRefFlag function can be called to determine whether a reference is global or local.

The StructureRef::AddName function is used to add names to a reference. Initially, a StructureRef object is a null reference, and thus its name array is empty.
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