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class Connector

Defined in:  C4Connector.h
The Connector class represents an edge in the graph of hubs and connectors.

class Connector final : public GraphRelation<Hub, Connector>

Member Functions
Connector::GetConnectorKey Returns the key value for a connector.

Connector(Hub *hub, const char *key);

hub The hub for which the connector is an outgoing edge.
key The key value for the connector. This is a string up to 15 bytes in length, not counting the null terminator.
Every node may have a Hub to which one or more connectors are attached, allowing the node to link to other nodes in a scene. An instance of the Connector class is used to represent each connector attached to a node's connector hub.

Connector objects are not normally constructed directly, but are instead attached to a node's connector hub by calling the Node::AddConnector function.

When a Connector object is first constructed, both the start and finish elements for the connector are set to the hub specified by the hub parameter. This indicates that the connector is not connected to another node.
Base Classes
GraphRelation<Hub, Connector> Connectors form the edges in a directed graph in which the nodes are hubs.
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