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Defined in:  C4GeometryObjects.h
Returns the geometry flags.

uint32 GetGeometryFlags(voidconst;

The GetGeometryFlags function returns the geometry flags, which can be a combination (through logical OR) of the following bit flags.
kGeometryDynamic The geometry is dynamic and could move or deform.
kGeometryInvisible The geometry is invisible (but can still participate in collision detection).
kGeometryAmbientOnly The geometry is rendered only in ambient light.
kGeometryCastShadows The geometry casts shadows.
kGeometryFogInhibit Fog is not applied to the geometry.
kGeometryMotionBlurInhibit The geometry does not get rendered with motion blur.
kGeometryRenderEffect The geometry is rendered after lighting in an effect pass.
kGeometryRenderDecal The geometry is rendered with depth offset for decaling.
kGeometryMarkingInhibit Surface markings are never applied to the geometry.
kGeometryInstancePaintSpace If the geometry is not directly connected to a paint space, then it should use the paint space connected by an instance super node.
kGeometryCollisionConvexHull The geometry's convex hull is used for collision detection.
kGeometryLandscapingOverlap The geometry does not participate in landscaping overlap detection.
kGeometryCubeLightInhibit Render with point light shaders when illuminated by a cube light.
By default, none of the geometry flags are set.
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