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class GeometryObject

Defined in:  C4GeometryObjects.h
The GeometryObject class encapsulates data for a geometry.

class GeometryObject : public Object

Member Functions
GeometryObject::GetGeometryType Returns the geometry type.
GeometryObject::GetGeometryFlags Returns the geometry flags.
GeometryObject::SetGeometryFlags Sets the geometry flags.
GeometryObject::GetGeometryLevelCount Returns the number of detail levels.
GeometryObject::GetGeometryLevel Returns a specific geometric level of detail.
GeometryObject::GetCollisionExclusionMask Returns the collision exclusion mask.
GeometryObject::SetCollisionExclusionMask Sets the collision exclusion mask.
GeometryObject::GetCollisionLevel Returns the index of the detail level used for collision detection.
GeometryObject::SetCollisionLevel Sets the index of the detail level used for collision detection.

GeometryObject(GeometryType type);

type The geometry type.
The GeometryObject class all of the geometric information pertaining to a geometry. Each geometry object has one or more levels of detail, and the geometric data (such as vertex and triangle arrays) for each level is stored in a Mesh object.
Base Classes
Object A GeometryObject is an object that can be shared by multiple geometry nodes.
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