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class MergeAnimator

Defined in:  C4Animation.h
The MergeAnimator class is an animator that merges outputs from its subanimators.

class MergeAnimator : public Animator


MergeAnimator(Model *model, Node *node = nullptr);

model The model to which the animator applies.
node The target node, which is the root of the subtree within the model that is affected by the animator. If this is nullptr, then the root is the same as the model parameter.
The MergeAnimator class is used to merge the outputs of multiple animators applied to different parts of a model. The range of nodes affected by a merge animator is the union of the ranges affected by its immediate subanimators, restricted to the range of the merge animator itself.

The MergeAnimator class supports any number of subanimators. If any subanimators have overlapping ranges of affected nodes, then subanimators further to the right in the animator tree take priority over their predecessors.
Base Classes
Animator The MergeAnimator class is a special type of animator.
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