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Defined in:  C4Modifiers.h
Applies a modifier to an instanced world.

virtual void ApplyModifier(World *world, Instance *instance);

world The main world inside which the instanced world has been expanded.
instance The instance node to which the modifier is attached.
The ApplyModifier function is called for each modifier attached to an instance node immediately after the instanced world is loaded. The ApplyModifier function should be overridden by subclasses of the Modifier class, and it can make any changes to the subnodes of the instance node specified by the instance parameter that are necessary to implement the modifier's functionality.

Note that the instanced world will be preprocessed after all modifiers have been applied. The ApplyModifier function itself should not call the Node::PreprocessNode function for any new nodes that it creates, and it should not call the Node::AppendNewSubnode function to add nodes to the instanced world because that function calls the PreprocessNode function. (The AppendSubnode function should be called instead.)

A modifier should not make changes to any Object classes attached to a node because they are shared among all copies of the instanced world. Any changes made to these objects would affect all instances and not just the one to which the modifier is applied.

The ApplyModifier function is not permitted to delete the instance node specified by the instance parameter.

The default implementation of the ApplyModifier function performs no action.
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