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class PlateVolume

Defined in:  C4Volumes.h
The PlateVolume class encapsulates data pertaining to a generic plate volume.

class PlateVolume : public Volume

Member Functions
PlateVolume::GetPlateSize Returns the plate size.
PlateVolume::SetPlateSize Sets the plate size.

PlateVolume(const Vector2D& size);

size The size of the plate.
The PlateVolume class encapsulates the physical dimensions of a generic semi-infinite rectangular volume and functionality that is used by various subclasses throughout the engine.

The volume corresponds to the space below the x-y plane inside a rectangular plate. One corner of the plate coincides with the origin, and the two components of the size parameter correspond to the dimensions of the plate along the positive x and y axes.
Base Classes
Volume A PlateVolume is a generic volume.