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class Skybox

Defined in:  C4Skybox.h
The Skybox class represents a skybox node in a world.

class Skybox final : public Node

Member Functions
Skybox::GetSkyboxFlags Returns the skybox flags.
Skybox::SetSkyboxFlags Returns the skybox flags.

Skybox(uint32 flags = 0);

flags The skybox flags.
The Skybox class represents a skybox node consisting of the six faces of a cube rendered at infinity. A skybox node should always be a direct subnode of the infinite root zone of the world. If a skybox is present, it is rendered whenever the camera can see into a zone having the kZoneRenderSkybox flag set.

The flags parameter controls various options applied when rendering the skybox. It can be a combination (through logical OR) of the following constants.
kSkyboxHorizon The skybox is rendered only above the horizon.
kSkyboxGlowEnable Glow is enabled for the skybox, and the glow intensity is stored in the alpha channel.
kSkyboxFogInhibit Fog is not applied to the skybox.
kSkyboxSmearTexture The skybox texture is only mapped to the area above the horizon.
Base Classes
Node A Skybox node is a scene graph node.
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