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class Trigger

Defined in:  C4Triggers.h
The Trigger class represents a trigger node in a world.

class Trigger : public Node, public ListElement<Trigger>

Member Functions
Trigger::GetTriggerType Returns the specific type of a trigger.

Trigger(TriggerType type);

type The type of the trigger. See below for a list of possible types.
The Trigger class is the base class for all trigger nodes. The type parameter can be one of the following constants, and it is specified by the subclass's constructor.
kTriggerBox Box trigger.
kTriggerCylinder Cylinder trigger.
kTriggerSphere Sphere trigger.
Triggers are typically activated by calling the World::ActivateTriggers function to test a swept sphere against all trigger volumes in the world. See the World::ActivateTriggers function for the exact trigger activation behavior.
Base Classes
Node A Trigger node is a scene graph node.
ListElement<Trigger> Used internally by the World Manager.
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