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Figure 1. The Texture Viewer window.

The Texture Viewer is part of the Texture Tool plugin that ships with the C4 Engine, and it is used to preview texture files in the engine's proprietary .tex format.

Opening a Texture

The Texture Viewer is opened by selecting Open Texture from the C4 Menu, or by typing texture [name] in the Command Console. If the Open Texture menu item is selected (or name is omitted from the console command), then a dialog appears to let you select a texture resource.

Texture Viewer Layout

The Texture Viewer window has the layout shown in Figure 1. Information about the texture format is displayed in the upper-right corner.

The Flip vertically box can be checked to invert the texture image in the vertical direction.

If the Enable alpha blend box is checked, then the texture image is rendered with alpha blending. The background color or pattern is set using the Background popup menu.

If the texture has mipmaps, then you can cycle through them by typing Ctrl-M.

If the texture has multiple layers, then you can cycle through them by typing Ctrl-D.

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