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class ConfigurationWidget

Defined in:  C4Configuration.h
The ConfigurationWidget class represents an interface widget that displays a configuration table.

class ConfigurationWidget final : public RenderableWidget

Member Functions
ConfigurationWidget::BuildConfiguration Builds the configuration interface for the settings belonging to a configurable object.
ConfigurationWidget::CommitConfiguration Commits the new settings for a configurable object.
ConfigurationWidget::ReleaseConfiguration Releases the configuration interface.

ConfigurationWidget(const Vector2D& size, float titleFraction, uint32 flags = 0);

size The size of the configuration widget, in pixels.
titleFraction The fraction of the horizontal width dedicated to displaying setting titles.
flags The configuration widget flags. This is used internally and should be set to zero.
The ConfigurationWidget class displays a configuration table that is used to show property settings to the user.

The default widget color corresponds to the kWidgetColorBorder color type and controls the color of the configuration table's outer border. Other color types supported by the configuration widget are kWidgetColorLine and kWidgetColorBackground.
Base Classes
RenderableWidget All rendered interface widgets are subclasses of RenderableWidget.
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