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class Movie

Defined in:  C4Movies.h
Encapsulates movie functionality.

class Movie : public SoundStreamer, public SoundConduit, public ListElement<Movie>, public Completable<Movie>

Member Functions
Movie::GetVideoFrameCount Returns the number of video frames in a movie.
Movie::GetVideoFrameSize Returns the dimensions of the video frame in a movie.
Movie::GetVideoFrameTime Returns the duration of a single video frame in a movie.
Movie::GetMovieDuration Returns the duration of an entire movie.
Movie::GetMovieState Returns the current state of a movie.
Movie::GetMovieTime Returns the current play time of a movie.
Movie::SetMovieTime Sets the current play time of a movie.


The Movie class encapsulates low-level functionality involved in playing movies. Most direct interaction with Movie objects is handled internally by the MovieWidget class, but there are several functions of the Movie class that return useful information about a movie. A pointer to a Movie object can be retrieved from a movie widget by calling the MovieWidget::GetMovieObject function.
Base Classes
SoundStreamer Movies can stream audio tracks into a sound object.
SoundConduit Used internally for connecting movie audio to source nodes.
ListElement<Movie> Used internally by the Movie Manager.
Completable<Movie> The completion callback is called when the movie finishes playing.