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struct BlobParticle

Defined in:  C4Particles.h
The BlobParticle structure extends the Particle structure and contains extra state information for a blob particle.

struct BlobParticle : Particle, ListElement<BlobParticle>

Data Members
Vector3D    scaleAxis; The world-space axis along which the blob is scaled. This must be a unit vector.
float       inverseScale; The reciprocal of the scale applied in the direction given by scaleAxis. This must be greater than or equal to 1.0.
The BlobParticle structure, or a subclass of this structure, must be used in the particle pool assigned to a BlobParticleSystem effect.
Base Classes
Particle The BlobParticle structure extends the Particle structure.
ListElement<BlobParticle> Used internally of the BlobParticleSystem class.