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class EffectObject

Defined in:  C4Effects.h
The EffectObject class encapsulates data pertaining to a special effect.

class EffectObject : public Object

Member Functions
EffectObject::GetEffectType Returns the specific type of an effect.

EffectObject(EffectType type);

type The type of the effect. See below for a list of possible types.
The EffectObject class is the base class for all types of effect objects, and it stores data that is common to all of them. Some specific types of effects have an associated object that is a subclass of the EffectObject class.

An effect object can have one of the following types.
kEffectQuad Generic billboarded quad effect.
kEffectFlare Fractional-occlusion flare effect.
kEffectBeam Polyboard beam effect.
kEffectTube Polyboard tube effect.
kEffectBolt Lightning bolt effect.
kEffectFire Procedural fire effect.
kEffectShockwave Shockwave distortion effect.
kEffectText Material-based text effect.
kEffectIcon Material-based icon effect.
kEffectPicture Material-based picture effect.
kEffectHalo Volumetric halo effect.
kEffectShaft Volumetric light shaft effect.
kEffectFur Fur shading effect.
kEffectPanel Interface panel effect.
kEffectMarking Surface marking effect.
kEffectParticleSystem Particle system effect.
Base Classes
Object An EffectObject is an object that can be shared by multiple effect nodes.
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