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class ShaftEffectObject

Defined in:  C4Shafts.h
The ShaftEffectObject class encapsulates data pertaining to a light shaft effect.

class ShaftEffectObject : public EffectObject, public VolumeObject


ShaftEffectObject(ShaftType type, const Vector2D& size, float height, const ColorRGBA& color);

type The type of the light shaft effect.
size The size of the light shaft's cross section.
height The height of the light shaft.
color The color of the light shaft.
The ShaftEffectObject class is the base class for all types of shaft effect objects, and it stores data that is common to all of them. Each specific type of shaft effect has an associated object that is a subclass of the ShaftEffectObject class.
Base Classes
EffectObject A ShaftEffectObject is an object that can be shared by multiple shaft effect nodes.
VolumeObject Used internally by the engine for generic volume objects.
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