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class PointLightObject

Defined in:  C4LightObjects.h
The PointLightObject class encapsulates data pertaining to a point light source.

class PointLightObject : public LightObject

Member Functions
PointLightObject::GetLightRange Returns the spherical range of the light source.
PointLightObject::SetLightRange Sets the spherical range of the light source.

PointLightObject(const ColorRGB& color, float range);

color The color of light emitted by the light source.
range The spherical range of the light source.
A point light source illuminates a world from a single point with distance attenuation causing its intensity to fall to zero at its maximum range. The PointLightObject class contains information specific to the point light type.
Base Classes
LightObject A PointLightObject is a specific type of light object.
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