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class ProjectionLightObject

Defined in:  C4LightObjects.h
The PointLightObject class encapsulates data pertaining to a point light source having a projected texture map.

class ProjectionLightObject : public PointLightObject

Member Functions
ProjectionLightObject::GetTextureSize Returns the size of the projected texture map.
ProjectionLightObject::SetTextureSize Sets the size of the projected texture map.
ProjectionLightObject::GetProjectionMap Returns a pointer to the Texture object for the projected texture map.
ProjectionLightObject::GetProjectionName Returns the name of the projected texture map.

ProjectionLightObject(LightType type, const ColorRGB& color, float range, const char *name);

type The type of light source. This must be either kLightCube or kLightSpot.
color The color of light emitted by the light source.
range The spherical range of the light source.
name The name of the projected texture map.
Base Classes
PointLightObject A ProjectionLightObject is a specific type of point light object.
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