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class ColorPicker

Defined in:  C4ColorPicker.h
A ColorPicker class encapsulates a color picker box.

class ColorPicker : public Window, public Completable<ColorPicker>

Member Functions
ColorPicker::GetColor Returns the color that is currently displayed.

ColorPicker(const char *title, const ColorRGBA& color, uint32 flags = 0);

title The color picker's displayed title.
color The initial color that is shown in the color picker.
flags Flags that affect the appearance and behavior of the color picker. See below for a list of possible values.
The ColorPicker class provides a standard interface for selecting colors. When the user selects a color, the color picker's completion callback is called. The completion callback can then retrieve the new color by calling the ColorPicker::GetColor function.

Options that control the appearance and behavior of the color picker can be controlled by specifying a combination (through logical OR) of the following constants in the flags parameter.
kColorPickerAlpha Allow the alpha value to be changed.
If the color picker is cancelled, then the completion callback function is not called.
Base Classes
Window The ColorPicker class is a specific type of window.
Completable<ColorPicker> The completion callback is called when the color picker is dismissed.