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class InterfaceMgr

Defined in:  C4Interface.h
The Interface Manager class.

class InterfaceMgr : public Manager<InterfaceMgr>

Member Functions
InterfaceMgr::InstallWindowEventHandler Installs a window event handler.
InterfaceMgr::AddWidget Adds a user interface element to the desktop.
InterfaceMgr::RemoveWidget Removes a user interface element from the desktop.
InterfaceMgr::ConsoleEnabled Returns a boolean value indicated whether the console is enabled.
InterfaceMgr::EnableConsole Enables the console.
InterfaceMgr::DisableConsole Disables the console.
InterfaceMgr::SetInputManagementMode Sets the input management mode.
InterfaceMgr::GetDesktopSize Returns the size of the desktop area.
InterfaceMgr::SetCursor Sets the cursor that is rendered by the Interface Manager.
InterfaceMgr::CursorVisible Returns the cursor visibility state.
InterfaceMgr::HideCursor Hides the cursor.
InterfaceMgr::ShowCursor Shows the cursor.
InterfaceMgr::GetShiftKey Returns a boolean value indicating whether the Shift key is pressed.
InterfaceMgr::GetControlKey Returns a boolean value indicating whether the control key is pressed.
InterfaceMgr::GetAlternateKey Returns a boolean value indicating whether the alternate key is pressed.
The InterfaceMgr class encapsulates the user interface features of the engine. The single instance of the Interface Manager is constructed during an application's initialization and destroyed at termination.

The Interface Manager's member functions are accessed through the global pointer TheInterfaceMgr.
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