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class MenuSetting

Defined in:  C4Configuration.h
The MenuSetting class is used for a multi-valued setting represented by a popup menu.

class MenuSetting : public Setting

Member Functions
MenuSetting::SetMenuItemString Sets the name of a single menu item.
MenuSetting::GetMenuSelection Returns the menu selection for the setting.

MenuSetting(Type identifier, const char *title, int32 selection, int32 itemCount);

identifier The setting's unique identifier.
title The title of the setting.
selection The initial selection for the setting.
itemCount The number of items that will appear in the menu.
The MenuSetting class represents a setting that displays a popup menu and has an integer value in the range [0, n − 1], where n is the number of menu items specified by the itemCount parameter.

After a MenuSetting is created, the MenuSetting::SetMenuItemString function should be called for each menu item to specify its text.
Base Classes
Setting A MenuSetting is a specific type of setting.