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class WidgetRegistration

Defined in:  C4Widgets.h
The WidgetRegistration class manages internal registration information for a custom widget type.

class WidgetRegistration : public Registration<Widget, WidgetRegistration>

Member Functions
WidgetRegistration::GetWidgetType Returns the registered widget type.
WidgetRegistration::GetWidgetFlags Returns the widget registration flags.
WidgetRegistration::GetWidgetName Returns the human-readable widget name.
WidgetRegistration::GetImageTextureName Returns the image texture name for a widget.

WidgetRegistration(WidgetType type, const char *name, const char *image, uint32 flags);

type The widget type.
name The widget name.
image The resource name for the image texture used to represent the widget in the Panel Editor.
flags The widget registration flags.
The WidgetRegistration class is abstract and serves as the common base class for the template class WidgetReg. A custom widget is registered with the engine by instantiating an object of type WidgetReg<classType>, where classType is the type of the widget subclass being registered.
Base Classes
Registration<Widget, WidgetRegistration> A widget registration is a specific type of registration object.
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