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class DataDescription

Defined in:  TSOpenDDL.h
The DataDescription class represents a derivative file format based on the OpenDDL language.

class DataDescription

Member Functions
DataDescription::GetRootStructure Returns root structure for an OpenDDL file.
DataDescription::FindStructure Finds a named structure.
DataDescription::CreateStructure Creates a custom data structure.
DataDescription::ValidateTopLevelStructure Determines the validity of a top-level structure.
DataDescription::ProcessText Parses an OpenDDL file and processes the top-level data structures.
DataDescription::GetErrorLine Returns the line on which an error occurred.


The DataDescription class is the base class for objects that represent derivative file format based on the Open Data Description Language (OpenDDL). It serves as a container for the tree hierarchy of data structures in an OpenDDL file.

A subclass of the DataDescription class represents a specific OpenDDL-based file format and provides the means for constructing custom Structure subclasses by overriding the DataDescription::CreateStructure function.
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