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class Camera

Defined in:  C4Cameras.h
The Camera class represents a camera node in a world.

class Camera : public Node

Member Functions
Camera::GetCameraType Returns the camera type.
Camera::LookAtPoint Orients the camera so that it looks at a given point.
Camera::LookInDirection Orients the camera so that it looks in a given direction.

Camera(CameraType type);

type The type of the camera. See below for a list of possible types.
The Camera class is the base class for all camera nodes. The type parameter can be one of the following constants, and it is specified by the subclass's constructor.
kCameraOrtho Orthographic camera.
kCameraFrustum Frustum (perspective) camera.
kCameraIndirect Indirect camera.
Base Classes
Node A Camera node is a scene graph node.
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