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class FogSpaceObject

Defined in:  C4SpaceObjects.h
The FogSpaceObject class encapsulates data pertaining to a fog space.

class FogSpaceObject : public SpaceObject, public PlateVolume

Member Functions
FogSpaceObject::GetFogSpaceFlags Returns the fog space flags.
FogSpaceObject::SetFogSpaceFlags Sets the fog space flags.
FogSpaceObject::GetFogColor Returns the fog color.
FogSpaceObject::SetFogColor Sets the fog color.
FogSpaceObject::GetFogDensity Returns the fog density.
FogSpaceObject::SetFogDensity Sets the fog density.
FogSpaceObject::GetFogFunction Returns the fog function.
FogSpaceObject::SetFogFunction Sets the fog function.

FogSpaceObject(const Vector2D& size);

size The size of the plate.
Base Classes
SpaceObject A FogSpaceObject is an object that can be shared by multiple fog space nodes.
PlateVolume A FogSpaceObject is represented by a generic plate volume.
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