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class Model

Defined in:  C4Models.h
The Model class is the base class for all animatable models.

class Model : public Node, public ListElement<Model>, public Registrable<Model, ModelRegistration>

Member Functions
Model::GetModel Returns a new instances of a particular type of model.
Model::GetModelType Returns the model type.
Model::GetRootAnimator Returns the root animator attached to a model.
Model::SetRootAnimator Sets the root animator attached to a model.
Model::GetAnimatedTransformNodeCount Returns the number of nodes with animated transforms in a model.
Model::GetAnimatedTransformNodeTable Returns the table of nodes with animated transforms in a model.
Model::GetTransformAnimationIndex Returns the index of a node with an animated transform.
Model::FindNode Finds a node having a specific name or hash value.
Model::AnimateModel Runs the animators attached to a model.

Model(ModelType type = kModelUnknown);

type The model type.
The Model class serves as the base class for all animatable model nodes. A Model instance is not normally constructed directly, but is created by calling the Model::GetModel function or by constructing an instance of the GenericModel class. The Model::GetModel function should be used to create instances of models whose type has been registered with the ModelRegistration class. A GenericModel instance should be constructed to explicitly create a model without a registered type.
Base Classes
Node A Model node is a scene graph node.
ListElement<Model> Used internally by the World Manager.
Registrable<Model, ModelRegistration> Custom model types can be registered with the engine.
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