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class Portal

Defined in:  C4Portals.h
The Portal class represents a portal node in a world.

class Portal : public Node, public ListElement<Portal>

Member Functions
Portal::GetPortalType Returns the portal type.
Portal::GetWorldPlane Returns the world-space plane containing the portal.
Portal::GetWorldVertexArray Returns the world-space vertex array defining the boundary of the portal.
Portal::GetConnectedZone Returns the zone to which the portal is connected.
Portal::SetConnectedZone Sets the zone to which the portal is connected.

Portal(PortalType type);

type The portal type. See below for a list of possible types.
The Portal class is the base class for all portal nodes. The type parameter can be one of the following constants, and it is specified by the subclass's constructor.
kPortalDirect Ordinary portal that leads from one zone to another through a polygonal boundary.
kPortalIndirect Portal having an indirect transform. This is used for rendering into the reflection and refraction buffers for things like mirrors and portals through which remote areas of the world can be seen.
kPortalCamera Special portal used internally for camera widgets in panel effects.
kPortalOcclusion Occluder, or antiportal, that blocks objects behind it from the perspective of the camera.
Base Classes
Node A Portal node is a scene graph node.
ListElement<Portal> Each zone has a list of portals that lead out of the zone.
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