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class PrimitiveGeometryObject

Defined in:  C4Primitives.h
The PrimitiveGeometryObject class encapsulates data pertaining to a primitive geometry.

class PrimitiveGeometryObject : public GeometryObject

Member Functions
PrimitiveGeometryObject::GetPrimitiveType Returns the specific type of a primitive geometry.
PrimitiveGeometryObject::GetPrimitiveFlags Returns the primitive geometry flags.
PrimitiveGeometryObject::SetPrimitiveFlags Sets the primitive geometry flags.

PrimitiveGeometryObject(PrimitiveType type);

type The type of the primitive geometry. See below for a list of possible types.
The PrimitiveGeometryObject class is the base class for all primitive geometry object data. The type parameter can be one of the following constants, and it is specified by the subclass's constructor.
kPrimitivePlate Planar rectangle primitive.
kPrimitiveDisk Planar disk primitive.
kPrimitiveHole Plate primitive with a hole cut out of the center.
kPrimitiveAnnulus Planar annulus primitive.
kPrimitiveBox Box primitive.
kPrimitivePyramid Pyramid primitive.
kPrimitiveCylinder Cylinder primitive.
kPrimitiveCone Cone primitive.
kPrimitiveTruncatedCone Truncated cone primitive.
kPrimitiveSphere Sphere primitive.
kPrimitiveDome Dome primitive.
kPrimitiveTorus Torus primitive.
kPrimitiveTube Path tube primitive.
kPrimitiveExtrusion Path extrusion primitive.
kPrimitiveRevolution Path revolution primitive.
Base Classes
GeometryObject A PrimitiveGeometryObject is an object that can be shared by multiple primitive geometry nodes.
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