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class WorldMgr

Defined in:  C4World.h
The World Manager class.

class WorldMgr : public Manager<WorldMgr>

Member Functions
WorldMgr::GetWorld Returns the currently active world.
WorldMgr::SetWorldCreator Installs a world class creator function.
WorldMgr::LoadWorld Loads a world resource and makes it the current world.
WorldMgr::UnloadWorld Unloads the current world data.
WorldMgr::SaveDeltaWorld Saves a delta file for the current world.
WorldMgr::RestoreDeltaWorld Restores a previously saved delta file.
The WorldMgr class encapsulates the high-level world management features of the engine. The single instance of the World Manager is constructed during an application's initialization and destroyed at termination.

The World Manager's member functions are accessed through the global pointer TheWorldMgr.
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