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class ZoneObject

Defined in:  C4Zones.h
The ZoneObject class encapsulates data for a zone.

class ZoneObject : public Object

Member Functions
ZoneObject::GetZoneType Returns the type of a zone.
ZoneObject::GetAmbientLight Returns the color of the ambient light for a zone.
ZoneObject::SetAmbientLight Sets the color of the ambient light for a zone.

ZoneObject(ZoneType type);

type The zone type.
The ZoneObject class is the base class for all types of zone objects, and it stores data that is common to all of them. Each specific type of zone has an associated object that is a subclass of the ZoneObject class.

A zone object can have one of the following types.
kZoneInfinite Infinite zone that covers all space.
kZoneBox Zone having the shape of a box.
kZoneCylinder Zone having the shape of a cylinder.
kZonePolygon Zone having the shape of an extruded convex polygon.
Base Classes
Object A ZoneObject is an object that can be shared by multiple zone nodes.
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