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Figure 1. The Sound Player window.

The Sound Player is part of the Sound Tool plugin that ships with the C4 Engine, and it is used to preview sound files in the engine's proprietary .snd format.

Opening a Sound

The Sound Player is opened by selecting Open Sound from the C4 Menu, or by typing sound [name] in the Command Console. If the Open Sound menu item is selected (or name is omitted from the console command), then a dialog appears to let you select a sound resource.

Sound Player Layout

The Sound Player window has the layout shown in Figure 1. One or two waveforms are displayed depending on whether the sound is mono or stereo. If the sound is streamed, then the contents of the streaming buffer are displayed, and the waveform changes during playback as new data is loaded.

The current playback time is displayed underneath the waveform on the left, and the total duration of the sound is shown on the right. The sampling frequency of the sound resource is shown in the lower-right corner.

The sound is played and stopped using the buttons in the lower-left corner, and the volume can be controlled with the Volume slider. The sound can be set to loop continuously by checking the Loop box.

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