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Defined in:  C4Panels.h
Sets the connector key that identifies the camera node.

void SetCameraConnectorKey(const ConnectorKey& key);

key Thew new camera connector key.
The SetCameraConnectorKey function sets the connector key that identifies the camera node used to render the camera widget's source image. The key parameter should identify a connector attached to the panel effect node containing the camera widget, and that connector should be connected to a FrustumCamera node. The connected camera must be a node that is part of the scene graph, and it cannot be the current camera that has been established with the World::SetWorldCamera function.

The camera connector key can be changed at any time without incurring a performance penalty specifically due to the change itself. It is not necessary to invalidate the widget after changing the camera connector key.

The initial value of the camera connector key is the empty string.
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