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class EmitterObject

Defined in:  C4Emitters.h
The EmitterObject class encapsulates data pertaining to an emitter volume.

class EmitterObject : public Object, public VolumeObject

Member Functions
EmitterObject::GetEmitterType Returns the specific type of an emitter.
EmitterObject::GetEmitterSurfaceArea Returns the area of the top and bottom surfaces of an emitter volume.
EmitterObject::GetVolumeEmissionPoint Returns a random point inside an emitter volume.
EmitterObject::GetTopSurfaceEmissionPoint Returns a random point on the top surface of an emitter volume.
EmitterObject::GetBottomSurfaceEmissionPoint Returns a random point on the bottom surface of an emitter volume.

EmitterObject(EmitterType type, Volume *volume);

type The type of the emitter volume. See below for a list of possible types.
volume A pointer to the generic volume object representing the emitter.
The EmitterObject class encapsulates data describing a volume used for particle emission. Its member functions can be used by particle systems to generate random points inside the emitter volume or on either the top or bottom surface of the emitter volume. An emitter object can be of one of the following types.
kEmitterBox Box emitter.
kEmitterCylinder Cylinder emitter.
kEmitterSphere Sphere emitter.
Base Classes
Object An EmitterObject is an object that can be shared by multiple emitter nodes.
VolumeObject Used internally by the engine for generic volume objects.
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